Fair football league spreads to new regions

** Prague has already experienced many emotional moments, football matches, goals, fair moments and new friendships. Football for Development, in cooperation with the Župan workgroup, organizes the Prague League of Fair Football for the third season. Now it&39;s time to pass on the experience, so we went to other regions.

Ondra Topinka, Filip Drobeček and Honza Švager are new regional coordinators of Football for Development. They help to start leagues of fair football in other regions of our country. With Ondra we visited Pilsen, Cheb and Kraslice, where the fair football league will begin in May. We discussed, planned and trained with Filip in Ústí nad Labem, where the first league tournament will take place in April. And before that, the league will start in Ostrava where the activities and plans are coordinated by Honza.

How did the March and April visits of the regions look like? We share a few experiences from Ostrava and Kraslice.

In Ostrava, on March 29, we trained with children. The aim was to show that children can agree among themselves that they do not need adults for that. We gave ball to kids and told them to play. We did not set a rule and we waited for what was going to happen. Some of them began to run for the ball, another part looked at us incomprehensibly. In a few moments, the game started. The game reminded a lot of things, not football. Children begged us to do something, then they began to discuss with each other. There followed a discussion of everyone involved and agreement was made - we need rules. Children managed to describe what they needed. They needed to set the teams, with whom and how many to play. At the end of the joint training, they were able to explain to each other what is troubling them, while listening to their teammates or rivals. The deal is not easy, but possible it is. Together we made the first step.

12th of April and with the same style - we start the training of children from the low-threshold club Aktiv in Kraslice. Players started nervously, but it didnt last long as they understood they must agree on rules. They divided themselves into teams, children gave each other numbers and decided who to play with. In a few moments they are running for the ball and the first goals are scored. Asked why they split themselves into teams by chance, there was a quick answer: "It was balanced and we all enjoyed it more." In Kraslice, children under the leadership of their club staff are used to similar football. They are training often, they are part of the football league, and they better understand how to enjoy what they love - football.

We are all at different stages of the journey and it does not matter where we are. It is encouraging to see that the development is possible, that we can all improve, learn and better deal with each other. Whether it&39;s Pilsen, Cheb, Usti, Kraslice or Ostrava, new stories full of football, development and friendship will start soon everywhere. All we need is to start.

Preparation of fair football league in regions