Ambassador's blog: The 2017 Prague Fair Play League Championship

Sammy's view:

It has been a worthy journey for the 8 teams which have been participating in the Prague Fair Play League from April.
Why a Fair play league? What’s the uniqueness?

The Prague fair play league is based on the concept of Football3; a unique global approach by Streetfootballworld network. Football3 is simply a game of 3 halfs and no referees. The three halfs are a pre-match discussion, football game, and post- match discussion which are based on various thematic discussions based on the local or international contexts. In mixed-gender teams, players jointly decide on the rules before each game and then reflect on their behavior after each game. They award points not only for goals scored but also for acts of fair play. The games are played without referees to encourage the players to resolve conflicts themselves through dialogue. Referees are replaced by mediators who guide the teams in the discussions and coming to agreement in-case of conflicts during the match.

Our reflection on Saturday’s Prague Fair Play Championship is simply that Football3 is indeed a unique and fun way to play, it gives the players a space to speak and express themselves. Different teams have been playing in the Prague tournaments over the last 5 years but the 2017 championship was notably different. This is based on a positive appreciation and understanding of how football3 games are played without aggression. Teams that were ever causing chaos and conflicts in the previous tournaments significantly behaved differently during this year’s league championships. “That’s what the league is for; respect, communication and teamwork” comments the project coordinator Stepan. This was during the awarding of the 2017 winners from Zizkov.

The championship were followed up by another football3 tournament that included the 2017 Fotbal pro rozvoj Ambassadors Team, former ambassadors (Allstars FPR), Prague league coordinators and social workers team, Amnesty International team and 2 teams from the Prague tournament. Based on the previous experience in Football3, the tournament was friendly and fun way to discuss on the wide understanding of football3 approach. The winners of the tournament were Amnesty International.

The Football3 League implementing pioneer in Czech Republic is Fotbal pro rozvoj who are widely aiming at coordinating more Fair play leagues not only in the capital Prague but also the whole country, so feel free to contact us in being part of the Fair play league.

Follow us as in our 2017 Campaign tour as the global ambassadors Kick for a better World. Next stop, Rohozna, Policka!
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