Ambassador's blog: Campaign half time and tournament in Rohozná


The team is now half-way through the campaign and takes this opportunity to rest in a place of haven called Pusta Rybna.

The sun is shining bright has we arrive in the small village located in the middle of the Czech Republic. As we walk from the bus stop to our cottage, we are astounded by the surrounding landscape. The sound of the serpentine stream along the path, the curves of the hills at the horizon, the smell of the freshly cut meadow and the architecture of the little wooden houses are all contributing to this natural place of peace and calm.

On our way to the cottage we meet our host; Diego, a man in his late 60ties, former forester and harvester of the surrounding beauty. He greets us with honest gratitude and shows us the place we are about to occupy the next 3 days. At the sight of our sleeping room, we all eagerly choose our beds as we seek to take a deserved nap after a long journey from Prague. After having regained some energy we head to the local restaurant for dinner and non-formal interaction.

The next day, the sun is still shining bright and lets us have breakfast outside in the fresh air, the right moment for Diego to gather his troops for some manual work in the woods. With the intention to build a tepee, our host gathers 5 brave volunteers to go and collect long tree trunks. Armed with overused gloves and old coats, Bobo, Moi, Stepan, Ajka, Sammy and Ansley enter the forest and follow their guide to the locations where the wood is cut and prepared to be carried back to the cottage and then polished. The exercise offers the perfect full-body workout: arms, legs and chest are all put at contribution and the result is impeccable: 6 long polished tepee-to-be support trunks and several logs for various usages. A great team work!

Our second day starts with a fresh drizzle but this doesn’t discourage us to go for a hike. Soon after breakfast we set for a long walk through the nearby woods, which offers nice surprises to the mushroom experts. Several kinds of mushrooms from various shapes and sizes are collected. Dinner was going to be tasty! In the afternoon we spent some time reflecting on the first half of the campaign in a creative drawing session. Each of us was given the task to illustrate their campaign experience so far. This allowed us to discover some new drawing and creative talents in the team. Some great art work was presented!

On our final day in Pusta Rybna we finished the woodwork that was assigned to us by Diego, before heading towards Policka where the action day would be held close by the following day. We leave Pusta Rybna with fresh minds and energy ready for the second half of our campaign!

The climax of our week then came on Saturday with the action day in Rohozna a small village close to Policka. The action day featured 2 fair-play tournaments and multicultural performances. In the morning the tournament was dedicated to the local kids and featured 4 teams. The children took part enthusiastically to the tournament and followed the F3 concept with much engagement.

In the afternoon, the adult tournament was organised. 8 teams took part and were composed of local residents, a group of asylum seekers from different countries, our Fotbal pro Rozvoj team completed with some of the local children and 2 teams from our regional partners in Usti nad Labem. The latter travelled all the way for their very first tournament away from their home-town and took part with much excitement to this event. The tournament was eventually won by one of the local teams. And once again fair-play was key to this tournament and demonstrated again that football can be played in a friendly and enjoyable way, between people no matter the backgrounds or age.

#Football3 is our way of play for discussions on and off the field. What about you? Share your experiences on What Football is in your daily life?

Join us in our journey as we engage the youths and social clubs in Pilzen!