Two regions in one!

The regions of Karlovy Vary and Pilsen joined in style during a first inter-regional tournament of fair-play football last Monday 29th October.

9 teams joined from different corners of the 2 regions and met in the famous Lokomotive Arena of Pilsen. Kraslice in the West, Pribram in the East and Chotesov from the South joined the local teams of Pilsen to enjoy a full day of fair-play matches.

The tournament was played in 2 rounds of 3 groups. Each team played 4 matches and opposed each time a different team. The variety in skills, gender, attitude and enthusiasm made every match special, not to mention the pre and post-discussions, which came with moments of laughter and moments of tensions, but in the end mostly with moments of fairness.

The overall tournament was won by the mighty local team “FC Petrohrad” but the underdogs “Magnet Chotesov” went home with the most distinguishable trophy the fair-play cup as they counted the full amount of fair-play points and were elected by the other teams as the fairest team.

The next matches await the teams in their respective leagues for the next round of the fair-play leagues in Sokolov on 7th November and in Pilsen on 22nd November.
For more information about the league, check the Facebook page.